Real Estate Transactions & Representation

Our practice was built on the legal and personal experience of Attorney William Bronchick, who has been engaging in "Out of the Box" real estate deals for 25 years.  People often come to us after speaking with several lawyers who say, "It can't be done."

Some of the types of representation and transaction we handle (that most other firms don't) include:


We can represent you as a buyer or seller in a residential or commercial deal, prepare or contracts and addenda, and walk you through from start to finish.

Hard $ Lending

We can represent you as a lender, including drafting the proper documents for particular transactions, compliance with legal issues, and practical considerations.

Creative Finance

We can represent you as a buyer or seller on deals involving seller financing, wraps, lease/options and joint venture deals. Compliance with Dodd-Frank our specialty.

IRA Deals

We can assist you in buying, seller, renting, borrowing and lending with your self-directed IRA in compliance with IRS regulations.  We can also help setup up a "checkbook IRA"

Drafting Docs

We can draft, review, or amend various real estate documents, such as contracts, leases, notes, partnership agreements, and mortgages.

Land Trust

We can set you up one or more land trusts to protect your privacy of ownership of your real estate holding by keeping your name off public records.

If you don't see your issue on the list, please do not hesitate to call us at 303-398-7032
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