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Using an Attorney to Buy a House

The most expensive thing most people will buy in their lifetime is the house in which they live. In addition to being expensive and taking decades to pay for, the purchase of a house also represents one of the more complicated legal transactions most people will ever encounter. Despite the need for contracts involving bankers, […]

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Real Estate IRA in Colorado – the Self Directed Checkbook IRA LLC

The Real Estate IRA in Colorado… By now I am sure you’ve heard that it is legal, permissible, and profitable to invest in real estate using your self-directed IRA, SEP, or Roth IRA. If you’ve been using this technique, you know the drawbacks – delays in funding, fees from your custodian, potential lawsuits against your […]

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How to Form a Colorado LLC

New website describes how to form a Colorado LLC, step by step, with or without a lawyer. In summary, here are the steps: Step 1.  Choose a name.  Go to and search combinations that appear similar to the name you want.  For example, if you want ABC Real Estate, LLC, search “ABC” and see what else […]

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Colorado IRA LLC Lawyer

A Colorado IRA LLC Lawyer is who you need to talk with if you have a self-directed IRA.  A self-directed IRA can be cumbersome if you own assets such as real estate rentals because you need to direct the custodian for every transaction – rental income, expenses, mortgage payments, taxes, repairs, etc.  You need to […]

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There’s No “Due on Sale Clause” Jail

By William Bronchick, Esq.   This article is for real estate investors and my real estate clients. The “due-on-sale” clause is probably the most talked about, feared and misunderstood topic in real estate. This article will dispel any misunderstandings you may have about the due-on-sale and suggest a simple, yet effective strategy to get around […]

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How to Be an Ethical Real Estate Investor

(You Don’t Have to be a Slimeball to Get Rich!) by Attorney William Bronchick Many people have a very 19th-century view of real estate investors. They think that we are modern-day “robber barons” who prey upon distressed or ignorant people, take advantage of them, and laugh all the way to the bank. The truly sad […]

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Top 10 Ways to Get Sued- Part 2

By Attorney William Bronchick Here it is, the official, “Top 10 Ways to Get Sued” – guaranteed! In our previous post, we covered the 1st 5 Ways to Get Sued and NOW in Part 2, we will cover 5 more ways! Here are numbers 6-10. 6. Try to Call Employees Independent Contractors.  Many employers hire employees, but […]

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Top 10 Ways to Get Sued Part 1

By Attorney William Bronchick Here it is, the official, “Top 10 Ways to Get Sued” – guaranteed! In this post we will cover the 1st 5 Ways to Get Sued and in Part 2 to be posted in a couple of days, we will cover 5 more ways! 1. Do Business in Your Own Name. […]

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When Should You Use a Land Trust vs. and LLC in Real Estate?

By William Bronchick, Esq. and Bronchick Law In this very short video, I will discuss the differences between using LLCs and land trusts for holding real estate. Listen and learn!

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