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All About Criminal Background Checks

Courtesy of William Bronchick, Bronchick Law Although my legal practice at Bronchick Law normally doesn’t deal a lot with background checks, there are times when it may be either appropriate or even necessary. Background checks are a useful screening and selection tool for companies. Of the many types of background checks, criminal background checks are […]

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Converting a Single Member LLC to an S Corp

Converting a single member LLC to an S corp may be a good move for many small business operators. Many people mistakenly set up a single member LLC when they should be using an S corporation.  The main reason a small business entrepreneur would use an S corporation over a single member LLC is the [...] Read More

How to Save Taxes in New York or Colorado with an S corporation

How to Save Taxes with an S Corporation Ever wondered why so many small businesses—more than 3,000,000 at last count—operate as an S corporation? Simple. An S corporation saves business owners big taxes in three separate ways: First, as compared to regular corporations (sometimes called C corporations), S corporation owners can use the business’s losses […]

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Landlord Tenant Laws and Tenants’ Rights in Colorado

Tenant rights in Colorado are not too strong, as Colorado is a fairly low-regulated state when it comes to landlords and tenant’s rules, particularly single family homes.  This may change as vacancy drops to new levels in Colorado and landlords are in the driver’s seat, potentially giving unscrupulous landlords the unfair advantage. Some landlords may […]

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Real Estate IRA in Colorado – the Self Directed Checkbook IRA LLC

The Real Estate IRA in Colorado… By now I am sure you’ve heard that it is legal, permissible, and profitable to invest in real estate using your self-directed IRA, SEP, or Roth IRA. If you’ve been using this technique, you know the drawbacks – delays in funding, fees from your custodian, potential lawsuits against your […]

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How to Pick a Good Colorado Real Estate Attorney

No real estate course or seminar is a substitute for a good Colorado real estate attorney. Finding a good Colorado real estate attorney may be difficult since most attorneys are not themselves investors or familiar with creative transactions. Most attorneys will give you just enough advice to keep them from getting sued, but not enough […]

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5 Types of Personal Injury Accidents

Courtesy of William Bronchick, Bronchick Law Although the personal type injury is not what we do at Bronchick Law, you may be involved in a situation where you need to retain one. Here is a little insight on the common types of personal injuries: If you have suffered a bodily injury such as a broken bone, […]

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Free Consultations with Lawyers – You Get What You Pay For

When people are facing a legal issue, they are often attracted by free consultations offered by some lawyers. Getting some kind of legal help without paying a dime is a rare opportunity many wouldn’t want to miss, but only for those who don’t know what they can get from it. There are lawyers who offer […]

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Form an LLC in Colorado – Bronchicklaw vs. Legalzoom

Many people flock to websites like LEGALZOOMTM to do their LLC filings to form an LLC in Colorado.  The #1 reason they do is that they think it’s easier, faster and cheaper than using a lawyer. Let’s compare… Review – LEGALZOOMTM is not a law firm, they just play one on TV.  Seriously, famous OJ attorney Robert […]

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Using an Installment Land Contract in Colorado to do a Wrap vs. an AITD

A land contract is a financing tool whereby the seller and buyer agree upon the sale of a property under installment payments. The property remains titled in the seller’s name until the buyer completes all payments under the contract. This arrangement is also known as a “contract for deed” or “installment land contract”. The land […]

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