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Using an Attorney to Buy a House

The most expensive thing most people will buy in their lifetime is the house in which they live. In addition to being expensive and taking decades to pay for, the purchase of a house also represents one of the more complicated legal transactions most people will ever encounter. Despite the need for contracts involving bankers, […]

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Expungement of Criminal Records

Courtesy of William Bronchick @ Bronchick Law Expungement of criminal records is the process of clearing an individual’s records of a crime committed. There are several other terms used to describe the expungement of criminal records. Often, it is used in correlation with sealing, destruction, or return to the subject of individual criminal records kept by […]

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Read Before You Sign!

by Attorney William Bronchick Too many investors go to closing and sign documents without ever reading them, taking the word of the “professionals” involved in the closing. This is a huge mistake unless that professional is your lawyer, and he or she has read and understood the loan documents. Don’t presume that the lawyer you […]

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All About Domain Name Trademarks

Courtesy of William Bronchick, Bronchick Law As your business grows, the value of your domain name increases. The issue of a domain name trademark should move to the top of your list. You need to guard against unscrupulous competitors that may try to incorporate your domain name into their meta tags to obtain search engine […]

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Converting a Single Member LLC to an S Corp

Converting a single member LLC to an S corp may be a good move for many small business operators. Many people mistakenly set up a single member LLC when they should be using an S corporation.  The main reason a small business entrepreneur would use an S corporation over a single member LLC is the [...] Read More

A Guide To Lawsuit Cash Advances

Courtesy of William Bronchick, Esq.   Cash advances are not normally a part of my law practice here at Bronchick Law, however, I thought that this might be great information for those of you that read my blog. The purpose of a Lawsuit Cash Advance is to help people recover the compensation owed to them for […]

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Using an IRA to Buy Real Estate

If you want to retire safely, a regular saving to your IRA will do the trick, but if you are wiser and use the money to invest in real estate instead, you could retire richer than planned. Investing your IRA funds in real estate is a very good way to turn your money into tax-deferred or […]

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When Should You Use a Land Trust vs. and LLC in Real Estate?

By William Bronchick, Esq. and Bronchick Law In this very short video, I will discuss the differences between using LLCs and land trusts for holding real estate. Listen and learn!

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Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors – The Quick & Dirty Version

by Attorney William Bronchick I’m going to show you in this short video how to set up your entities for real estate for maximum privacy, maximum liability protection and to help minimize taxes:   Free eBook on how to protect your assets! Click Here.        

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Knowing when to Consult a Lawyer

Courtesy of William Bronchick, Esq. In this day and age, it’s important to protect your rights in many different situations. Knowing when you require the professional services of a lawyer is important since many situations essentially demand it. Hiring a lawyer may cost you a large sum depending on the complexity and time required for […]

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