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Corporate Records – What to Keep

Courtesy of  William Bronchick, Bronchick Law Whether you’ve created a corporation or limited liability company, you must maintain records. Here’s a primer on the basic corporate records you need to maintain. At Bronchick Law we can help you set up and maintain your corporate records! Corporate Records When forming a corporation or limited liability company, […]

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Using a Land Trust with LLC as beneficiary – A Powerful Combo

Using a Land trust with LLC as a beneficiary is a powerful combination for landlords and real estate investors. Many landlords title properties in an LLC for protection.  While this may provide liability protection for the owner, it does not afford any privacy.  If you look up the LLC online at the Secretary of State […]

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Landlord Legal Issues

by Attorney William Bronchick As a landlord, you should be aware of some of the legal issues related to leasing properties. Here are a few of them: LEAD-BASED PAINT DISCLOSURE Federal law requires that the lessor (landlord) of any rental property constructed before 1978 disclose the presence of any lead-based paint or hazards known by […]

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Colorado IRA LLC Lawyer

A Colorado IRA LLC Lawyer is who you need to talk with if you have a self-directed IRA.  A self-directed IRA can be cumbersome if you own assets such as real estate rentals because you need to direct the custodian for every transaction – rental income, expenses, mortgage payments, taxes, repairs, etc.  You need to […]

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Quick Guide to Colorado Business Entities

Business entities come in so many types in Colorado that business owners can easily get confused. Here’s a quick guide that will hopefully shed a little light on business entities for you. Sole Proprietorship: A business owned and controlled by one person. The designation provides no protection from business liabilities. It is taxed on the person’s […]

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9 Mistakes New Real Estate Investors Make

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County Court Judgements Explained and The Effect on Your Credit

Courtesy of William Bronchick, Bronchick Law At Bronchick Law, our specialty is Real Estate Law, business, entity setup and maintenance, asset protection, estate planning and more. We find that clients that have had a judgment issued against them by a county, don’t always understand what it entails; both legally and what it might do to […]

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Beware of Hidden Fees for Online Corporate Filing Services

An investor I know formed a company in Indiana last year using a big name corporate filing service. He just got the annual billing for registered agent service – $225!!! A registered agent is someone in the state of the formation with a physical address that can be served in a lawsuit against the company. […]

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Everyone Should Have A Living Will

Courtesy of William Bronchick, Bronchick Law According to information known in most states as a Directive to Physicians or Healthcare Directive, a Living Will sets out your wishes about what extended medical treatment should be withheld or provided if you become unable to communicate those wishes. The directive creates a contract with the attending doctor. […]

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10 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Rental or Rehab

by Attorney William Bronchick It’s easy to fix up your properties if you have unlimited cash. However, you need to keep your repairs to a minimum to stay profitable. You also need to keep your properties in good shape to attract tenants or buyers. It also has a lot to do with your knowledge of how […]

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