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The Mortgage Elimination Scam

You’ve seen the claims: “Eliminate your mortgage!!” Can this really be true? Well, I’ve researched the law and here’s what I came up with. The Claim They claim they are making is that you can legally eliminate your mortgage based on a legal loophole that goes something like this… “If the lender who funded your […]

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Colorado IRA LLC Lawyer

A Colorado IRA LLC Lawyer is who you need to talk with if you have a self-directed IRA.  A self-directed IRA can be cumbersome if you own assets such as real estate rentals because you need to direct the custodian for every transaction – rental income, expenses, mortgage payments, taxes, repairs, etc.  You need to […]

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Guide to Colorado Business Entities William Bronchick

Business entities come in so many types that business owners can easily get confused. Hereís a quick guide that will hopefully shed a little light on business entities for you. Business Entities “C” Corporation: A corporation whose shares are held by shareholders. The entity stands apart from the shareholders for legal and tax purposes. The […]

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10 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Rental or Rehab

by Attorney William Bronchick It’s easy to fix up your properties if you have unlimited cash. However, you need to keep your repairs to a minimum to stay profitable. You also need to keep your properties in good shape to attract tenants or buyers. It also has a lot to do with your knowledge of how […]

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There’s No “Due on Sale Clause” Jail

By William Bronchick, Esq.   This article is for real estate investors and my real estate clients. The “due-on-sale” clause is probably the most talked about, feared and misunderstood topic in real estate. This article will dispel any misunderstandings you may have about the due-on-sale and suggest a simple, yet effective strategy to get around […]

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Landlord Legal Issues

by Attorney William Bronchick As a landlord, you should be aware of some of the legal issues related to leasing properties. Here are a few of them: LEAD-BASED PAINT DISCLOSURE Federal law requires that the lessor (landlord) of any rental property constructed before 1978 disclose the presence of any lead-based paint or hazards known by […]

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Happy New Year 2020!

      Happy New Year 2020! Let’s make this a year to remember. Have you completed your 2020 goals yet? It’s never too late to get started!  

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How to Form a Colorado LLC

New website describes how to form a Colorado LLC, step by step, with or without a lawyer. In summary, here are the steps: Step 1.  Choose a name.  Go to and search combinations that appear similar to the name you want.  For example, if you want ABC Real Estate, LLC, search “ABC” and see what else […]

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Is Wholesaling Properties Legal Without a License?

You buy a property, you wholesale it, you profit. Do you need a license to wholesale properties? In most cases, the answer is “no”. Real estate brokerage is an activity regulated by states on their own terms, thus each state defines which activities require a license. There is a lot of vagueness and ambiguity in some of the […]

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