Real Estate Transactions

We handle many types of residential and commercial transactions, with a focus on the following types of “out of the box” deals:

For Sale by Owner Deals

Why pay a real estate broker six percent of the sales price to prepare a contract? If you and another party have agreed on the price and terms of a real estate deal, we can prepare the sales contract and guide you through closing for 80% less than the cost of a real estate broker!

Seller or Owner-Carry Transaction

If you are a buyer or seller or an owner-carry deal, we can help from contract through closing. Services including drafting contracts, addenda, notes, deeds of trust and closing disclosures (Note: real estate brokers in Colorado are prohibited from drafting owner carry sales contracts and addenda; an attorney must be used for this purpose).

Lease/Option Transactions

We handle drafting lease/option deals, whether you are the seller/landlord or buyer/tenant. We also escrow deeds for security on these transactions.

Installment Land Contract (aka “Contract for Deed”)

We can draft a land contract, whether you are a buyer or a seller. We also escrow deeds for security on these transactions and perform closings and record required documents with the county.

“Subject to” or “Wrap” Transaction

If you are buying or selling subject to an existing mortgage or doing a “wrap” of an existing loan, we can help with drafting contracts, addenda, notes, all-inclusive deeds of trust and closing disclosures.

Dodd-Frank Compliance

If you are selling with owner financing to a buyer who will live in the home, we can help you comply with Dodd-Frank and the Colorado SAFE Act.

Commercial Deals

Services including drafting letters of intent, contracts, addenda, notes, and deeds of trust. We can help with evaluating deals, reviewing financials, due-diligence, and partnership/syndication issues, including private placements.

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The Contract for Deed (aka “installment land contract”)

The “Mirror” Wraparound