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Is Wholesaling Properties Legal Without a License?

By William Bronchick, Real Estate Mentor and Attorney In real estate investing, if you buy a property, you wholesale it, you profit. Do you need a license to wholesale properties? In most cases, the answer is “no”. Real estate brokerage is an activity regulated by states on their own terms, thus each state defines which activities […]

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Dealing with Competition in Your Real Estate Business

By William Bronchick & Frank Pulley  When you talk about competition and competitors in any business and the real estate business is no different. It can tend to strike fear into the hearts of many investors who are in direct competition with them. The fact is, for most of us, our competition is here to […]

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How to Be an Ethical Real Estate Investor

(You Don’t Have to be a Slimeball to Get Rich!) by Attorney William Bronchick Many people have a very 19th-century view of real estate investors. They think that we are modern-day “robber barons” who prey upon distressed or ignorant people, take advantage of them, and laugh all the way to the bank. The truly sad […]

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Read Before You Sign by William Bronchick

Too many investors go to closing and sign documents without ever reading them, taking the word of the “professionals” involved in the closing. This is a huge mistake unless that professional is your lawyer, and he or she has read and understood the loan documents. Don’t presume that the lawyer you are paying represents you. Many […]

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Beware of Hidden Fees for Online Corporate Filing Services

An investor I know formed a company in Indiana last year using a big name corporate filing service. He just got the annual billing for registered agent service – $225!!! A registered agent is someone in the state of the formation with a physical address that can be served in a lawsuit against the company. […]

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Using an Attorney to Buy a House

By William Bronchick, Real Estate Attorney and Real Estate Mentor The most expensive thing most people will buy in their lifetime is the house in which they live. It is also true for those who are into real estate investing. In addition to being expensive and taking decades to pay for, the purchase of a […]

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Landlord Tenant Laws and Tenants’ Rights in Colorado

By William Bronchick, Attorney and Real Estate Coach If you are in the real estate investing business and hold properties you should know that tenant rights in Colorado are not too strong, as Colorado is a fairly low-regulated state when it comes to landlords and tenant’s rules, particularly single-family homes.  This may change as vacancy […]

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Legal and Illegal Flipping and Lender Seasoning

By William Bronchick. Esq. Attorney & Real Estate Coach In the real estate investing world, here has been a lot of negative press and misinformation lately about double–closings. Several people have been indicted recently under what the press has labeled “Property Flipping Scams.” Misinformed lenders, real estate agents, and title companies will tell you that […]

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Should I Go into Real Estate Investing Full Time?

by William Bronchick, Real Estate Investing Mentor So, you hate your boss and you’re thinking of going full time in real estate investing?  After a few deals, you may be tempted to do so, but here are some important considerations you need to review before making the jump: Cash Reserves Although Real Estate investing transactions […]

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