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Colorado IRA LLC Lawyer

A Colorado IRA LLC Lawyer is who you need to talk with if you have a self-directed IRA.  A self-directed IRA can be cumbersome if you own assets such as real estate rentals because you need to direct the custodian for every transaction – rental income, expenses, mortgage payments, taxes, repairs, etc.  You need to […]

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Quick Guide to Colorado Business Entities

Business entities come in so many types in Colorado that business owners can easily get confused. Here’s a quick guide that will hopefully shed a little light on business entities for you. Sole Proprietorship: A business owned and controlled by one person. The designation provides no protection from business liabilities. It is taxed on the person’s […]

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Nevada Corporation Scams

Whenever hear one of those Nevada corporations scams ad on the radio it makes me cringe.  While Nevada corporations are appropriate in certain circumstances, they have little value for real estate investors outside of the state of Nevada. Here are the reasons the promoters give for using Nevada corporations, and my debunking of them: 1. […]

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Expungement of Criminal Records

Courtesy of William Bronchick @ Bronchick Law Expungement of criminal records is the process of clearing an individual’s records of a crime committed. There are several other terms used to describe the expungement of criminal records. Often, it is used in correlation with sealing, destruction, or return to the subject of individual criminal records kept by […]

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Read Before You Sign!

by Attorney William Bronchick Too many investors go to closing and sign documents without ever reading them, taking the word of the “professionals” involved in the closing. This is a huge mistake unless that professional is your lawyer, and he or she has read and understood the loan documents. Don’t presume that the lawyer you […]

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All About Domain Name Trademarks

Courtesy of William Bronchick, Bronchick Law As your business grows, the value of your domain name increases. The issue of a domain name trademark should move to the top of your list. You need to guard against unscrupulous competitors that may try to incorporate your domain name into their meta tags to obtain search engine […]

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Let’s make 2020 the best year ever!!!  

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Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish Friends

    Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends!  Sincerely, Bill Bronchick

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Converting a Single Member LLC to an S Corp

Converting a single member LLC to an S corp may be a good move for many small business operators. Many people mistakenly set up a single member LLC when they should be using an S corporation.  The main reason a small business entrepreneur would use an S corporation over a single member LLC is the [...] Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

  Happy Thanksgiving. Let’s spend time with loved ones and take time to appreciate what we have rather than what we don’t have!      

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